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Frequently Asked Questions

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There's no specific age. It's good to start early. The sooner you get it, the lower the cost. This is because younger people usually have fewer health issues.

It depends on your lifestyle, health history, and how much you can afford. You need enough to cover potential medical expenses.

Cashless means the insurance company pays the hospital directly for your treatment. Most insurance companies have a list of hospitals where you can get cashless treatment.

Yes, you can easily research and buy a plan online from the comfort of your home.

It's best to get it when you're young, ideally in your 20s or 30s. You're usually healthier, and the premiums are lower.

Yes, you'll need to provide some documents to prove your identity, age, and income when you get a policy.

Health insurance covers illness and medical conditions. Personal Accident Cover is for accidental death. Health insurance doesn't cover disabilities from accidents.

Some policies don't cover HIV/AIDS treatment. They also don't cover congenital disorders, venereal diseases, and certain dental treatments, among others.

Yes, you can have more than one health insurance policy. You might consider it if your first policy's coverage isn't enough.

Usually, there's a waiting period of 30 to 90 days before you can make a claim. However, if it's an emergency due to an accident, you can usually claim right away.

Motor insurance is like a safety net for your vehicle. It protects you from financial losses and legal troubles if something goes wrong with your vehicle.

There are three main types: car insurance, bike insurance, and commercial vehicle insurance.

If your vehicle gets into an accident, first, tell the police and take pictures. Snap photos of both vehicles from all angles, focusing on the damage. Exchange important info with the other driver, like policy number and insurance company. Contact your insurer and make a claim to cover the damages. Keep your car keys and belongings safe.

Yes, it's the law. You must have Third-Party Vehicle Insurance. It covers you if you cause harm to someone else or their property.

It's like a reward! If you don't make any claims during your policy, you get a bonus. It can be 20-50% for comprehensive insurance. It doesn't apply to third-party insurance. If you make a claim, you lose the bonus for that period. Remember, it's for you, not your vehicle.

You must have third-party insurance by law. It covers damages to others. For your own vehicle, like cars or bikes, it's smart to get comprehensive insurance. It covers both third-party and your vehicle's damage.

Absolutely! It's faster, convenient, and paperless. Some companies even offer discounts for online purchases. Plus, you can get your policy within minutes without leaving home.

The cost depends on things like the value of your vehicle, any deductible, seating and engine capacity, and more. They look at all these things before setting the premium.

Usually, it's one year and needs to be renewed. You should renew before it expires to avoid a gap in coverage. For new vehicles, third-party liability insurance is valid for three years.

First, let your insurer know about the incident. You can do this by visiting their website, calling them, or sending an email. They'll guide you through the claim process.

Term Life Insurance offers substantial coverage for a minimal premium, providing financial security for your family in your absence. It can be tailored with options like Early Critical Illness Payout, Accidental Death Benefit, and more.

Term Life Insurance is essential for anyone with dependents. It ensures that your family's financial well-being remains intact in unforeseen circumstances.

Absolutely. Many insurance providers offer the convenience of online policy acquisition. From comparing policies to calculating rates, you can complete the process from the comfort of your home.

Determine your coverage based on your family's projected financial needs, accounting for inflation. As a general guideline, consider up to 25 times your annual income for comprehensive protection.

Term insurance provides a Return of Premium option. If selected, you'll receive all premiums (excluding GST) as a Survival Benefit if you outlive the policy term.

A policy rider allows you to augment your Life Insurance coverage. It offers additional benefits like Critical Illness coverage, Disability coverage, Accidental Death compensation, and Premium Waivers.

Yes, within the terms and conditions stipulated by the insurer, an individual can possess multiple life insurance policies in India.

Indeed, premiums paid towards life insurance policies qualify for tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, up to a maximum limit of Rs. 1.5 lakh.

When the policy term concludes, the coverage also ends. If the policy incorporates a return of premium benefit, you'll receive all premiums (excluding GST) paid.

Add-ons are optional but can provide invaluable support in unforeseen events. They offer enhanced Life Cover at affordable premiums, encompassing benefits like premium waiver, critical illness coverage, accidental death benefit, and more.